Chestermere Bike Park

Ever since Felix first learned how to ride a bike, he has wanted to ride paths through trees, do jumps, and ride down hills.  Every time we haul out the bikes in the spring, he always asks if we can build a couple of ramps so he can practice his jumps.  While I’m not against the idea of constructing a few ramps for our driveway, I also know that we live on a busy street.  Combine that with his 2 year old brother copying everything Felix does (but only having a 2 year old sense of consequence)and it means that for now, in my mind, the potential dangers rule out the possibility of building the neighbourhood’s best bike park outside our front door.  That said, I still want my boys to experience the joy of riding their bikes and the feeling of excitement when you fly over a jump.  This is where the Chestermere Bike Park comes in.   Continue reading