Mud Fair 2016

If there is a puddle, my boys will be in it.  So when I found out that Common Digs was hosting a Mud Fair, I bought tickets right away.  It was the muddiest fun my boys have ever had, and for me, that is really worth it, for all the reasons set out below.


Felix found treasure in the treasure pit.

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Geocaching: The Modern Day Treasure Hunt

Have you ever wanted to be a pirate?  Or maybe a secret detective?  If the thought of going on a treasure hunt is exciting to you or your kids, then geocaching is the perfect adventure waiting for you to discover.  It is a great way to get to know some pretty cool places in your own backyard or discover places you didn’t know even existed.   Sound fun?  You bet!  To play, you do have to follow some basic rules and have either a handheld GPS device or a smartphone, but we will get to that. Continue reading